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Latest National and International News Stories About Mental Health Issues

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Latest News: Nicola Sturgeon to announce £54m boost for mental health services

An extra £54m is to be spent on providing better access to mental health services in Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

The money, being spread over the next four years, will be used to expand provision for young people.

It is also set to improve the availability of psychological therapies for patients of all ages.

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Latest News: Concerning changes in teenage girls' mental health

There have been "concerning" changes in the mental health of teenage girls in Scotland, a study into the behaviour of young people has suggested.

Substantially more girls than boys reported stress, nervousness, low mood and medicine use, researchers at the University of St Andrews found.

Among 15-year-olds, 54% of girls had two or more health complaints more than once a week.

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Latest News: #itaffectsme campaign launched

This openness about mental health is now stepping off the stage and making its way into the mainstream. #Itaffectsme is a viral crusade that is gaining steam across the globe with people in Palestine, Australia and Mexico joining the fight.

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