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We aim to raise awareness of mental health issues to young people and parents and to raise funds to support young people in their recovery


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Darren Mitchell

My name is Darren and I volunteer for TJF. I take photos and help out at the fundraising events and also DJ.

I volunteer at TJF because I feel there are too many young people not getting help and support in society and if TJF can help someone on their road to recovery then I am proud to be a part of that.

Billy Ramage

Hi my name is Billy and I’m a social care worker working with dementia. I have worked in care for 12 years and have worked with a variety of people from young people with physical and mental conditions to the elderly and it's a job I really enjoy.

Since an early age I have suffered from, at times, debilitating anxiety which can cause me to have bad panic attacks. At times having anxiety has limited my life and I know how hard it can be dealing with issues so I decided I wanted to volunteer for the Trust Jack Foundation as I saw it as an opportunity to offer help and support for anyone who needs it and I'm happy to give some time to help people who have been through a similar situation to myself or are going through much worse

Linda Park

My name is Linda and I currently work in retail, however in my spare time for many years I have volunteered. I am now volunteering for the Trust Jack Foundation. One of my main reasons for doing so is purely for the feeling you get for helping others. As a volunteer with TJF my main job is to raise awareness for Mental Health and supporting those young people that struggle and their families.

I am very much a family orientated person and believe that has made me the person I am today and why I have chosen TJF and have made it our mission to help stamp out the stigma surrounding Mental Health.

Linda Park

My name is Linda Park and a close family friend. I became involved in The Trust Jack Foundation as my children grew up with Jack, more so Nicola and we have great memories of a fantastic holiday together which we will treasure forever. Losing Jack had a massive effect on his whole family and wider.

We wanted to be part of raising awareness of any kind of mental health issues and suicide. If I can help Helen and all the other parents prevent this happening to another family then what's a few hours here and there out of my life? With the success of the awareness days and evening classes this proves more needs to be done.

Elaine Mackie

Hey my name is Elaine. I am volunteering for Trust Jack Foundation because I think it is important that we try and get rid of the stigma attached to mental health. I am also keen to help families and people who are affected by this terrible illness and let them know its okay to talk.

Sharon Breen Harding

My name is Sharon, I am a full time mummy to 3 girls & also a child-minder.

The TJF is a charity very close to my heart and it’s about time people were made aware "IT’S A DISORDER NOT A DECISION".xx

TJF relies on volunteers to help us run the outreach programmes, raise awareness of our charity and to help us fund raise for us to continue our work.