Trust Jack Foundation (TJF) was set up in memory of Jack Hastie who suffered from adolescent depression but was missed through health, CAHMS and education so he went under the radar even though it was clear to see. Sadly after suffering from adolecent depression for five years he decided to end his life at the young age of 18 years old.

The Trust Jack Foundation aim to help and support children and young people who have been identified as either suffering from a mental health illness or who are at high risk of suffering from a mental illness.

TJF are committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people and providing support for their parents, guardians and carers.

Driven by our experiences the team at TJF will campaign, research and supply information and training to, and for all, young people across Lanarkshire.

What We Do

Supporting Young People

Trust Jack Foundation exists to raise awareness of mental health illnesses to young people though youth groups and clubs. We help them understand what mental health illness is, what they should do and where they should go to for the help that they need.

Supporting Parents Guardians and Carers

We provide a safe environment where people who are supporting a young person who either have a diagnosed mental health illness or suspect they have a mental health illness can come along and get the information they need. Parents/guardians/carers can also come along to get information to prevent their children from suffering in the future. We will provide sessions where speakers will come and give information and advice, and provide a youth group leader who will supply information about what activities are available in their local area for young people. We will also have sessions where parents can enjoy a facial or massage and on some occasions we will just enjoy talking and being in each other's company to get share experiences.

Grant Scheme

Trust Jack Foundation aim to provide a small grant (up to £150) for young people aged from 12 to 18 years old who have been identified as either suffering from a mental illness or who are likely to suffer from a mental illness.

These young people will be identified and referred through their GP, social worker, the Youth Counselling Service and Regen:fx Youth Trust.

We will help by supplying a grant to help the young person to do something that will help in their recovery which could be music lessons, swimming, ice skating lessons or going to youth groups - anything that they feel will help build their confidence and self esteem.


In 2016 Trust Jack Foundation will be able to offer expert training to anyone who works with children or young people and also parents, guardians and carers. Our courses will provide them with the knowledge and skills to help them promote better mental health and well-being in young people. They will also be able to identify when someone is struggling or at crisis point. Prevention of Suicide training will also be available which will take things a step further as they will be able to confidently ask and deal with the taboo subject of suicide and how to deal with the situation if indeed a young person is thinking about suicide.

Counselling and Stress Management

Whenever possible Trust Jack Foundation will provide free counselling to both young people and their parents, guardians and carers. This will be provided by our volunteer counsellors however, depending on location, we may fund private counselling (this will be decided on a case-by-case basis).


Our vision is to see a future where there is no stigma around mental health illnesses and we can all talk to each other about our mental health. A future where young people no longer feel the only way out is suicide.


Our mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues to young people and their parents, guardians and carers, to provide the help that’s needed to help young people in their recovery and, most importantly of all, to prevent suicide in young people.after suffering from